Women around the United States removed their clothes and marched along the street of their cities to celebrate Go Topless Day.

Go Topless Day is an annual event held to support the right of women to go topless in public on gender-equality grounds.

It is celebrated on the Sunday closest to Women’s Equality Day, that commemorates the granting of the vote to American women.

The activists insist that women have all the rights to walk, run or be topless wherever men can do that.

The marches took place in New York City, Los Angeles, New Hampshire, Denver and other big cities.

Expectedly that while dozens of half-n@ked women were walking down the streets thousands of excited men gathered to take pictures of the show.

Nadine Gary, the president of Go Topless organization, expressed her hope that one day seeing naked female bre@sts would be perceive as something normal and not s*xually provocative.

She said: “This push for women to go topless in the 21st century is as strong as women wanting to vote in the 20th century. It may be sensual, but it’s not illegal to be sensual.”


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