A yoga instructor, 37 year old Alexandria Duval, AKA Alison Dadow, who drove a car 200 feet off a Maui cliff has been charged with murder in the death of her twin sister,37 year old Anastasia Duval AKA Ann Dadow, who was sitting in the passenger seat.
Prosecutors say the sisters who run a yoga business called Twin Power Yoga, were traveling together May 29 when their Ford Explorer crashed into a rock wall, plunging onto a rocky shoreline.

Anastasia Duval was pronounced dead at the scene, while her sister, Alexandria was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

According to c ourt documents, the vehicle’s air-bag control module showed that the driver didn’t attempt to brake before accelerating, making a hard left and crashing.

Eye witnesses said they saw the two women arguing while the vehicle was stopped and said the passenger was pulling the driver’s hair, then they saw the vehicle ‘accelerate forward and then take a sharp left over the cliff’. Maui Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Emlyn Higa said.

One eyewitness Lawrence Lau said:

‘My first thought when she was coming past us was, ‘Don’t hit me, don’t hit me,’ because she was slightly out of control,’ he told KHON2. ‘She was doing 40 miles an hour from a dead stop at that point.’

I saw a pair of hands jerking the head, pulling the hair’. ‘There were hands pulling her head down like this, and her head was jerking.’

Alexandria Duval’s defense attorney said she wasn’t trying to harm herself or her twin sister. But when officers got information that she had been discharged from the hospital and was attempting to flee the state, she got arrested on Friday.
Officer Higa said:

‘We had information after she was discharged from the hospital she attempted to fly out of the jurisdiction Wednesday night,’ adding that she tried again Friday, prompting police to arrest her. ‘All we know is she was trying to leave the state. We were afraid she would try to leave the country as well.’

She appeared in court on Monday with her arm in a sling, where a judge ordered that she continue to be held without bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

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The identical twins changed their names after moving to Hawaii, Higa said. Their Hawaii driver’s licenses bore their new names and the same Haiku address, he said.

They’re originally from Florida, where they ran a successful yoga business, and moved to Hawaii in December from Utah.

The twins were said to have been extremely close, dressing up in matching clothes, driving the same matching Porsches and were well known in Palm beach Florida, where they had a studio which they closed abruptly before moving to Hawaii.

The twins also had a Yoga studio in Utah which was fraught with financial and legal problems.

They opened their first yoga studio in Palm Beach Gardens in 2008 and another in West Palm Beach in 2011.

But they left the state after closing the studios with no notice in 2014, and without paying their employees or reimbursing customers who had already paid for services.

They resurfaced in Park City, Utah, and opened another studio – but filed for bankruptcy that year too.

The twins are said to also have lengthy criminal records.

In Utah, they were both arrested in five different incidents linked to alcohol, according to GossipExtra.

Anastasia Duval who got killed, on the other hand was arrested near Ogden, Utah, in 2014 for public intoxication, assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and interference with an arrest. She also had convictions in Florida for disorderly intoxication, battery and resisting arrest.

Alexandria’s criminal record in Utah includes arrests on suspicion of driving under the influence, fleeing the scene of an accident and driving without insurance. In January 2014, she was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

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