A groom-to-be from China committed suicide barely two weeks to his wedding due to excessive pressure from bride’s family to pay huge bride price.

Chinese bride and groomChinese bride and groom

 The man identified as Xiaolei from east China’s Anhui province was reportedly asked to buy more “betrothal gifts” which he couldn’t afford.

He was first asked to pay 10,000 yuan and other gifts when he initially got engaged to his fiancé, Lanlan in December. But the bride price came to a total value of 30,000 yuan.

It was gathered that a month later the bride’s family had asked for another 20,000 yuan and more gifts such as cigarettes and wine.

Chinese bride priceChinese bride price

Two weeks later, he jumped from a construction site in Shanghai where he worked just two days after the unreasonable request from his fiancee’s family.

Xiaolei’s parents are now accusing Lan Lan’s family of causing their son’s death. They alleged that he had complained of the “endless” requests for gifts and called it “extortion” and unbearable.

Chinese bride priceChinese bride price

The late groom’s parents sued the bride asking that they return all the gifts and cash collected from their son including jewelry and an iPhone.

The court however ruled that all the cash be paid back but the material goods should be kept by the bride.

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