An eight-year-old boy and six-year-old girl are probably the most loving children of their parents ever!

Wang Xiyong had been seriously injuried after he crashed his car into an electrical box that caught fire. He suffered severe burns on his head, neck, abdomen and torso, that covered almost 90 per cent of his body.


Two siblings underwent painful surgery to donate their scalps to their father

He needed an urgent skin transplant and his wife, Li Changmei, offered to donate her scalp for his operation but doctors refused. Mr Xiyong was in critical condition and they could not risk his life.


Wang Xiyong had burns on 91 per cent of his body after a high-voltage accident

They said that the best option was a scalp from a blood relative, which would give the father of two a better chance of recovery. The medics said that the children’s scalps would grow back healthily with time but their mother initially refused the proposition.


Wang Xiyong with his children before the accident

However, surprisingly after she shared the idea with their little daughter and son, they immediately volunteered to donate their scalps. The siblings underwent the successful operations at the end of September and have already gone back to school. Their father is recovering.

The transplant surgery was reportedly partly funded by money donated by local villagers, by the Chinese Red Cross and by the electrical company responsible for the box containing the high voltage wires.

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