A CNN news reporter, Poppy Harlow, fainted briefly on live television yesterday, Monday, December 28.

The 6-month pregnant anchor was discussing the war on terror when suddenly her voice faltered and words failed her as she passed out briefly.

Poppy Harlow

At the time it happened, viewers could hear only her voice but couldn’t see her because the screen was filled with a CNN graphic on the results of a recent network poll showing that a majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the progress of the war on terror.

There was a split second of silence with nothing coherent from the anchor or anyone. And all of a sudden, CNN cut to media reporter, Brian Stelter, who took over from his 33-year-old colleague who passed out. This got many talking on Twitter with numerous speculations.

However, Harlow reappeared on air to reassure viewers (and Twitter) that she was fine. “For all of you on Twitter who are asking if I’m OK, thank you so much,” she said. “I got a little hot and I passed out for a moment. I am fine and we’re going to take a quick break.”  You can watch the video below:

This is not the first time something like this has happened. About two years ago, Salt Lake City reporter Brooke Graham, reporting on cross-country skiing conditions for KUTV, suddenly collapsed backward in the snow while interviewing skiers. But within seconds she sat up as the people with her rushed to help. And she kept on talking.

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From the ground, she told viewers she had slipped and fallen. Later, she explained she was feeling under the weather that day, and suffered from altitude sickness.

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