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Photos/Video: Man shoots woman four times in the middle of a crowded store

A 35-year-old customer was shot as she picked out goods from the shelves in a convenience store on Wednesday evening, August 10.
Chalinthorn Wattanasap was shopping inside the convenience store located in her condo development in Bangkok’s southwestern district of Bang Khun Thian district at 8pm when Pichai Tangchit, also 35, suddenly appeared next to her. After speaking for just a few seconds, he produced a gun and shot her point blank four times in the middle of the crowded store.
The gunman fled the scene on his Honda motorcycle. Chalinthorn was later pronounced dead at the Hospital.
Bangkok Police Chief said a court has approved an arrest warrant for Pichai on a count of first-degree murder and his officers are searching for the suspect. He believed the man was driven by a personal issue with the deceased.


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