A 55-year-old oil tycoon has bought his teenage model wife a luxury Bentley car as a surprise present.
Valentin Romanov, head of the Singapore office of the state-owned Russian oil company Lukoil, married Elizaveta Adamenko, 18, in the French Cote d’Azur in July.

The luxury car is worth about 10 million RUB (£830,000) but experts say the price in Singapore could be much higher due to high taxes on registering the vehicle.

The couple’s controversial romance allegedly started more than three years ago.Russian publication Prospekt Mira reported the pair had started dating when Miss Adamenko was 14.
The age of sexual consent in Russia, as well as in Singapore where the couple lives, is 16 years.

Elizaveta has previously lashed out against those criticising her relationship with a much older man.

Why is a young person who socialises with someone much older automatically a w****, and the older person a sugar daddy?
‘This is just a new level of communication. You can stick with your level and I am going to celebrate the 55th birthday of Valentin.’



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