Police are hunting for a six-year-old girl after reports that she was kidnapped and sold to organ traffickers for body parts.

The gruesome case, in Colombia, South America, saw little Paula Nicole Palacios Narvaez was grabbed as she came out of school in December 2014 .

Nobody has seen or heard from her since, but one of the kidnappers has confessed to police that the girl had been sold so her organs could be harvested.
Police have now managed to capture all five people they say were involved in the kidnapping.

The first man detained, Jose German Paguatian Insandara, said a female member of the group called Blanca Digna Lopez, one of those arrested, was the brains behind the kidnapping.

In his confession, Insandara, 52, with reported convictions for gun running and thieving, said:

“One morning at the end of November I saw Blanca Lopez in town and she told me about how she was working in the trafficking of children.
“She told me that this was the new thing, that for each child they give you 50 to 60 million pesos (about 12,500 GBP) and that she had contacts in Cali and Bogota.
“And she told me ‘This is good, don’t you see German? The other stuff is just small change’.”


He went on to describe the sickening details of the kidnap itself saying:

 “I saw Blanca at the entrance of the school and she signalled to me that the girl was there and in that moment I got down and opened the door.
“The women grabbed the girl and put her in the car and I got in the back with her to hold her.We took the girl to the destination we had been given and handed her over. After which we got our money. They gave me my million pesos.”

The girl’s father says he hasn’t given up
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According to him, Lopez had fallen out with the family of the little girl and said they owed her money. It was for this reason that she decided to steal their little girl and sell her.
In his statement to the prosecutor he added:

“The last thing I heard they sold her to organ traffickers in Cali. I don’t know if she’s dead or alive now.”

The police are continuing the search for the missing girl with the new information, hoping that it is not too late.

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