A team of teenage inventors have invented a condom capable of changing colour when it comes into contact with STIs.

The prescient prophylactic has a built-in indicator that alters its colour depending on what infection it picks up. This was revealed at the TeenTech Awards in London where it won the health category.

The project which is called the S.T.EYE, was created by 14 years old Daanyaal Ali, 13 years old Muaz Nawaz, and 14 years old Chirag Shah.

“We created the S.T.EYE as a new way for STI detection to help the future of the next generation,” said Daanyaal Ali, 14 from Isaan Newton Academy in Illford.

“We wanted to make something that make detecting harmful STIs safer than ever before, so that people can take immediate action in the privacy of their own homes without the invasive procedures at the doctors.

“We’ve made sure we’re able to give peace of mind to users and make sure people can be even more responsible than ever before.”

The three inventors will be invited to a reception at Buckinbham Palace in the autumn as a result of winning the health category prize.

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