A gun-wielding Iraqi grandmother has reportedly boasted of beheading ISIS fighters and cooking their bodies. 39 year old Wahida, aka Um Hanadi, is said to brag that she is “more wanted than the Prime Minister” by the terrorist group.

She reportedly leads a force of 70 male fighters in the town of Shirqat, 50 miles south of the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Wahida Mohamed, 39, told CNN

“I fought them. I beheaded them. I cooked their heads, I burned their bodies.”This is all documented. You can see it on my Facebook page.”

“I began fighting the terrorists in 2004, working with Iraqi security forces and the coalition,”. As a result, she attracted the wrath of what eventually became al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, which later morphed into ISIS.
“I received threats from the top leadership of ISIS, including from Abu Bakr (al-Baghdadi) himself,” she says, referring to ISIS’s self-declared caliph.
“But I refused.””I’m at the top of their most wanted list,” she brags, “even more than the Prime Minister.””

Um Hanadi ticks off the times they planted car bombs outside her home. “2006, 2009, 2010, three car bombs in 2013 and in 2014.”Along the way, her first husband was killed in action. She remarried, but ISIS killed her second husband earlier this year. ISIS also killed her father and three brothers. They also killed, she added, her sheep, her dogs and her birds.

She narrowly escaped death as well.

“Six times they tried to assassinate me,I have shrapnel in my head and legs, and my ribs were broken.”

She pulled back her headscarf to show her scars.
“But all that didn’t stop me from fighting


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