A man was mauled to death by his pet dog as his two teenage daughters fought in vain to drag it from their stricken father.Stephen Hodgson, 45, was killed by the family’s powerful Staffordshire/pit bull terrier cross.
The dog , called Buster, bit through his jugular, causing him to suffer a cardiac arrest, probably brought on by blood loss.Police had to taser the out-of-control animal before having it destroyed.
Stephen, an unemployed carpenter, had been watching the TV programme Prison Break with his daughters in a bedroom when the crazed pet pounced.
According to Daily Mirror,the father of three, who had an existing medical condition, suddenly fell ill and slumped over the side of the bed, startling the three-year-old terrier.
Buster began barking so the girls ushered him out into the garden of their semi-detached home as they tended to their dad.

Daughter Jade, 19, said: “I was trying to look after dad and lift him back up onto the bed but as I was trying to do that Buster came back in and ran up the stairs.

We didn’t want him in the room because he was getting excited and barking but he barged open the door.“He’s a big, strong, heavy dog and we couldn’t keep him out.“He saw my dad leaning over the edge of the bed and he went for him, there was nothing we could do.

Her sister Carla, 16, said:

“Buster was biting dad’s throat and there was suddenly a lot of blood.We were doing anything we could to get him off. He didn’t have a collar on to hold onto so we were just pulling him.

I had hold of his back legs and was trying to drag him off but he was just too strong.“We knew things were really bad for dad, he might have gone before the emergency services even arrived.

“It was horrific and we won’t be able to forget it, but I’m glad we were there for dad to try to help him”At least we know that we did everything we possibly could to try to save him.We wrapped a sheet around his neck to try to stop the blood but he was bleeding very heavily.”

Police and ambulance crews arrived at the scene and Buster was cornered before he was destroyed at the house by a vet.

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