There is no limit to ISIS barbarity as the monsters crushed six of its own members to death with a bulldozer after accusing them of running from a battle.

The men, who were killed on Monday according to local reports, fled the town of Sharqat in northern Iraq.

According to Iraqi News, civilians were forced to watch the barbaric execution.

The strategic town outside Mosul fell to Government forces, who have launched a major campaign to retake the northern city, which is the final ISIS stronghold in Iraq.

This follows the capture of a cross-dressing ISIS killer who tried to avoid capture disguised as a woman.

Abu Omar al-Assafi was installed by ISIS to govern Sharqat in northern Iraq after the terror group swept through the country in 2014.

But Iraqi security forces found him trying to escape the area after the town was liberated last week. He was reportedly disguised as a woman and hiding among civilians. Cowards

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