ISIS has burned alive its own fighters as punishment for losing Ramadi to Iraqi forces.

The group were rounded up by terrorist leaders and set alight in Mosul’s main square, after they were driven out of Ramadi.

Al-Alam reported that the brutal execution was carried out as a warning to other fighters who might be forced to defend Mosul.

Other say they were punished for not dying as Martyrs in the Ramadi firefight.

They were driven out of the town, the capital of Anbar province, two weeks ago.

A former Iraqi resident with family in the country said: “They were grouped together and made to stand in a circle. And set on fire to die.”

The victory in Ramadi was a major boost to Iraqi forces, who pledged to make the country free of ISIS in 2016.

They announced that their next target is Islamic State stronghold Mosul.

Other sources reported that ISIS are executing women and children after accusing them of being spies.

Michael Pregent, a terrorism expert and former intelligence adviser to General David Petraeus in Iraq, said they were killing to intimidate.

He said: “ISIS is fracturing, paranoid from within. They are using women and children executions to intimidate – the harsher the tactic the more desperate the leadership is.”

This latest incident isn’t the first time cruel ISIS thugs have burnt people alive.

In August, they proudly released pictures of four prisoners strung up and suspended over a fire as they burnt to death.

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