In a now deleted twitter post, a former US Congressman, Rep Joe Walsh, seemingly declared war on the Barack Obama, President of the United States and the activist group Black Lives Matter.

Tensions in the country are running high after the shootings of two black men during the week by police officers sparked protests. During the protests in Dallas, snipers opened fire into the crowd, one of which targeted some police officers, killing five and injuring five more.

In a tweeting storm after the shootings, Walsh, a Republican tea party activist, said war was coming to the President, who he felt has emboldened the activist group ‘Black Lives Matter’. Who, obviously, he believes are behind the shooting.

He deleted that tweet, but in this day and age, when it’s out there, it’s out there

Walsh then fired off more tweets calling for more violence and action to be taken, claiming the President was responsible for ‘stoking the flames’.

This angered award winning singer John Legend, called for the arrest of the former congressman.

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