U.S Presidential candidate Donald Trump allegedly bragged about his se x life in the 80s and suggested his wife’s Melania Trump’s bo obs is the reason he stays with her according to a book ‘Donald Trump: The Man Who Would Be King’ serialized by the Sun UK.

This might just be political propaganda, but just read on.
In the book, Trump allegedly told controversial DJ Howard Stern in 1997: “Having se x in the 1980s was dangerous like Vietnam.
“I felt like a brave soldier. The 80s are not like the 70s, which was the best time for se x.”
And according to the book, Trump and his wife Melania went on DJ Howard Stern’s show in 2004 where he admitted to watching Paris Hilton’s se xtape and he and Melania revealed intimate details about their life.
Trump allegedly told Stern: “Melania looks best when she wears only a very small thong.”
Then Stern asked Trump what would happen to their love life if she was disfigured to which Trump asked: “How would the bre asts look?” Told by Stern they would be unscathed, he added: “Then yeah, of course. Our relationship would continue.”
Trump also allegedly talked about watching Paris Hilton’s se x tape “in spite of the fact that I’ve known Paris since she was 12 and been friends with her family for years”.
This controversial allegations come after a 2005 recording of Donald Trump released last week by Washington Post showed him bragging about using celebrity status to “grab women by the p****”.
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