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Cockroach “milk” is rich in protein, fat and sugar… Scientists claim

Want some milk? Well, scientists have claimed cockroach milk is full of protein, and may someday be transformed into a food supplement worthy of human consumption.
According to CNN, scientists have found that the Cockroach feeds its bug babies a formula which is remarkably rich in protein, fat and sugar.

“The protein crystals are milk for the cockroach infant. It is important for its growth and development,” said Leonard Chavas, one of the scientists behind the research.

He explained the crystals have a whopping three times the energy of an equivalent mass of buffalo milk, about four times the equivalent of cow’s milk.

“For now, we are trying to understand how to control this phenomena in a much easier way, to bring it to mass production,” Chavas said.

Having lost a drinking game with his colleagues, Chavas tasted the cockroach milk once.

“No particular taste,” he commented, though the idea of ice cream appeals to him. He imagines “a flavor with honey and crispy pieces.”

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