azFollowing a research that mobile phones carry a
lot of filth and germs, a Japanese company is
launching a phone that can be washed.

The washable mobile phone
Even though it looks all shiny and new, the
smartphone is probably one of the filthiest things
one can own. Research has shown that the
amount of bacteria and germs it carries is
disgustingly huge, which is probably why a
Japanese company is targeting germaphobes with
the world’s first washable phone.

The Snapdragon 410 processor, 5-inch android
phone, called Digno Rafre, is all set to be released
in Japan by tech company Kyocera Telecom this
week. It’s USP is that it’s waterproof and soap
resistant, so it can be thoroughly washed under
running water.

There’s no risk of water entering
the device because it’s entirely sealed to keep
water and bubbles from getting in. It doesn’t
even have a speaker, relying instead on a Smart
Sonic receiver that transmits sound through
vibrations on the phone’s screen. The built-in
13MP camera is also waterproof.

Apart from being washable, the phone is alsoaa
ideal for kids, for people who are clumsy and keep
dropping their phones everywhere, or like to take
bathtub selfies. It even comes with a special
rubber duck-shaped floating stand. To wash the
phone, the company suggests gently rubbing soap
foam all over it before thoroughly rinsing it with
plain water. And, as an added bonus, there’s no
danger of scratching the phone, because its
plastic back cover is supposed to be self-healing.

According to Oddity Central, Digno Rafre, which
comes with 16GB storage, 2GB RAM, and a 2MP
front camera is priced at ¥57,420 (about $467),
but it isn’t available for purchase outside of
Japan. The company has announced no plans of
releasing the gadget in foreign markets, but if
interest is high enough, who knows?

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The video posted by Kyocera shows someone
thoroughly washing the Digno Rafre smartphone
with soap under running water.

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