The former legendary player of Arsenal Thierry Henry has criticized the French for his policy.

Henry blames him for overworking Alexis Sanchez following the striker’s hamstring injury in the game against Norwich.

Henry said: “Obviously if you ask Alexis Sanchez if he is OK, he is going to say yes. If a guy says no then he might as well leave the club. You are there to play.But I think you almost don’t have to ask him anything if you want to rest him. You need to go out and say nothing or, “I’m resting you today and that’s the way it is”. Again, I personally wouldn’t have liked that when I was a player, but you take it on the chin and see the bigger picture because you want to be out there and play the whole season”.

Henry also notes that Sanchez would have been substituted in the match against Dynamo Zagreb.

“Yes, it was difficult to rest him today because you want to win, but I go back to the Zagreb game. With 20 minutes to go at 3-0, you can give him a little rest. Obviously I would like to think the 14 hours travelling, playing away with Chile for the World Cup in South America, doesn’t help,” he said.

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