Femi Opabunmi whose brilliant football career was blighted by an eye defect and injuries is currently living from hand to mouth, according to reports.
Femi Opabunmi, a former Nigerian football player, who started his football career in Ibadan, Oyo State, played for Shooting Stars FC and Super Eagles has significantly turned into a beggar in Ibadan, Oyo State.
Femi Opabunmi

According to sources, Femi Opabunmi who went for an eye surgery years back which ended his career has resorted into begging when help failed him from every corner.

He practically begs from anyone he spots. ‘If you see him and greet him like an ex-footballer he is, the next thing is for him to ask you for money and his slogan has always been, ‘I don’t know what my wife and kids will eat today, we have nothing at home’, a source said.

Femi Opabunmi and his family

The source also said this has been working, until people got tired of the same story everyday and now do not take him seriously anymore, which has really made things go worse for him.

He said Opabunmi could be located somewhere around Ring Road, the street beside Echos bar, incase anyone wants to help him, and give the one time lively footballer a life again.

Source: Ladun Liadi blog
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