Being the most expensive footballer in the world is a particularly sharp double-edged sword.

On the one hand, Paul Pogba is now rich beyond his wildest dreams. He has more money than he ever could have dreamed of when growing up in Lagny-sur-Marne, a downtrodden eastern suburb of Paris, and is playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Yet the expectations are always likely to be nigh-on impossible to fulfil.

Over time, with ever-increasing transfer fees, this price-tag won’t look so big. Or so Manchester United hope.

But in the short-term if he is to keep the critics of his back then he needs to perform at an elite level or at least something very close

It has not escaped anyone’s notice that in United’s disastrous last seven days – a run of three consecutive defeats – Pogba has been poor and at some point we need to ask why that is.

Warning signs were there when Jose Mourinho’s men only snuck by Hull with a last-gasp winner. Since then it’s been three defeats and the spotlight has flitted between the Special One himself, record signing Pogba and skipper Wayne Rooney as observers and fans look to apportion blame.

Pogba has played the majority of his time as a United player with Marouane Fellaini alongside him. As mute-turned-headline-spitter Paul Scholes pointed out after Thursday’s debacle in Rotterdam , he needs more help.

“At Juventus he played in a three in midfield and he was sensational. He played in a two with France in the summer and wasn’t great. He has played in a two so far this season and hasn’t been great.

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“What I would say is that he is the only one who has been trying something. The other night (vs Feyenoord) wasn’t his best performance but he was the one player giving everything and the one player wanting to create something.

“We want to see the Juventus Paul Pogba. He played in a brilliant football team there with loads of experience around him, not just at the back but in midfield as well.

“To get the best out of him, I think you have to play him in the three.”

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