The internet went mad after Real Madrid uploaded a photo from their dressing room after their victory in El Clasico – mainly because it featured Cristiano Ronaldo in just his pants.

And while we have many questions that need answering about that photo, one individual genuinely was mad about it. Furious, in fact. Step forward Mr Oliver Kahn .

Speaking to German broadcaster ZDF, Kahn said, “Lately, I’ve been seeing more of Cristiano Ronaldo’s six-pack than my own wife’s breasts.”

Dean Mouhtaropoulos
“You’ll pay for this, Cristiano”

What. A. Line. Suffice to say that Oliver Kahn is not impressed.

Now, we’ve never seen Mrs Kahn’s breasts and we very much doubt you have either (if you’re saying you have, we’ll happily call you a liar. Unless it’s you reading, Oliver, in which case we’re very, very sorry and please don’t come over and beat us up).

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