France star Mathieu Valbuena is at the centre of another storm after allegedly attacking a fan who taunted him about his well-publicised sex tape case.

The Lyon winger was caught up in a blackmail plot to prevent the explicit footage of himself going into the public eye.

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema was caught up in the case after he was accused of acting as a middle-man for the blackmailers.

Although Benzema has denied any wrongdoing, he has been frozen out of the France squad ahead of Euro 2016 which will be hosted in the country.

Some fans apparently blame Valbuena, and the diminutive midfielder lost his cool with one supporter as Lyon’s players arrived at Toulouse airport last week, according to France Football.

Valbuena reportedly smashed the fan’s phone to the ground before launching a foul-mouthed tirade at the supporter, known only as Yousef.

Yousef, 38, who cannot work due to a brain condition, is quoted as saying: “He (Valbuena) saw red and railed against me. He walked toward me, raising his hand as if to strike me by asking me what I was doing.

“He was very aggressive, he approached his head to me, he snatched my phone hands. He wanted to give it to someone but no one took it and so he threw it away.

“He insulted me like scum. He insulted me by saying ‘son of a bitch, f*** your mother’.

“Certainly I was inappropriate with what I might have said to him and I spoke a bit loudly, but Valbuena lost his head. He did not have to behave like that, he is a public figure.

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“He went to hit me, I am someone who is fragile and even smaller than he is, even if it is not obvious that I am handicapped.

“He had to be stopped and restrained by the security guy and some players. He has traumatised me. Since the incident, I cannot sleep.

“My doctor has upped my dose of antidepressants that I was already taking and he has added five days to my Total Incapacity to Work order on my medical certificate.

“I want at least an apology from Valbuena and that I am reimbursed for my mobile phone. This situation dominates my thoughts day and night.”

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