According to The Sun, Manchester United forward Anthony Martial has been accused of having an affair with a model in Paris.

The source reports that Martial, who is married to his childhood sweetheart Samantha, took Emily Wateman  for a  romantic walk around Paris before taking her back to a hotel room last week.

The 24-year-old  said: “He said he didn’t normally drink but I persuaded him to have a few. We took a picture of ourselves at the restaurant.  

“Back at the hotel we started kissing on the bed and I did tell him I wasn’t that kind of girl. But I was a bit tipsy by then and we were in such a romantic place that I didn’t hold my resolve for long. 

“He was a passionate lover and he complimented me on my lips and my body. He made me feel really good about myself.” 

A spokesman for Manchester United said Martial would not be commenting on the situation. Last night Martial’s agent also refused to issue a statement.

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