It has been a tough battle for Arsenal and Manchester United few days after Jackson Martinez’s agent revealed that the striker is set to complete a transfer to one of Europe’s biggest clubs.

The Colombian goalscorer (Jackson Martinez) has been linked with a move to the Premier League for several consecutive summers after consistently impressing in the Primeira Liga for Porto. But these speculations is set to come to an end in the next few days with his agent (Luiz Henrique Pompeo) confirming that a deal is all but done.

“From what’s been agreed, Porto will receive the €35m (£25.5m) from the release clause”

“Things should be clarified in the next few days. He’ll go to a big European club, which will be announced as soon as the contract is signed.

“Though negotiations have been underway for a few weeks, there are still some details to be sorted out, and then Jackson Martinez’s departure from Porto can become a reality.”

It leaves both Manchester United and Arsenal fans on the edge of their seats as they wait to hear who the striker has signed for. But Arsenal have always dealt in the shadows and have been known to pull out of deals simply because information was leaked to the press.

The deal that brought Mesut Ozil to Arsenal was all but sealed by the time the information was leaked to the press and, if Arsene Wenger can keep a deal for the King of Assists quiet, he surely has the ability to do the same with Martinez.

On the other hand, it seems that Manchester United have every intention of making their transfer pursuits as open to the public as reasonably possible. A deal for Memphis Depay was announced before the medical had even been done while news of their other pursuits appear daily across different media platforms.

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Do you think they would have already leaked information about Martinez if they were in such advanced talks?

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