Jurgen Klopp has made quite an impression on English football. The Liverpool boss has slotted into the Premier League so seamlessly, it’s easy to forget the German charmer has been in charge at Anfield for less than three months.

Whether it be his love of our more “industrial” language or his increasingly passionate love affair with his club’s supporters, Klopp appears to be a big fan of the way we ‘do’ football on these shores.

So what could be the one thing about his English football experience so far that he has found problematic?

The absurd lack of a winter break, as we flog our footballers towards fatigued failure? The minimal protection our referees offer some of the Premier League’s more extravagantly gifted technical players?

No and no. Apparently, the issue for Klopp is the WIND.

“The English game is not faster than the German game,” Klopp told Sport Bild . “Perhaps there are a few more sprints. But there is a different style of football here, partially due to the weather.

“The wind can be quite extreme in England. We are not familiar with that in Germany and you have to keep things simple.

“Stoke’s first goal against Manchester United was a perfect example of extreme winds. Players who are not from the UK have to get used to the winds. I have to adapt my style as a result as well.”

Frankly, of all the things we thought might be bothering the former Borussia Dortmund boss, the wind that blows across our pitches was not one of them.

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Still, who are we to argue with the big guy? We’re pretty sure all the Liverpool fans out there will be more than happy to agree with him. Isn’t that right, Jurgen?

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