Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard won’t hear criticism of Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.

Gerrard has revealed that a touching letter from Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has been framed and has a pride of place at his home.

He told BT Sport: “It was after a charity match that we held at Anfield. John Terry, who was kind enough to make his way down and do his bit for charity, handed me a letter.

“He said ‘open it. It’s a bit of a surprise for you.’

“When I got home I opened the letter and it was from this fella (Mourinho).

“It was a very touching message.

“The letter is now in a frame, in pride of place in my house, that’s what it means to me – and it was a nice touch which shows what he gives to players off the pitch – even players who have been a rival and who have turned him down on two or three occasions!

“He’s still humble enough and a gentleman to take the time to write me a letter.”

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