Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, faces a sanction by world’s football governing body, FIFA, over his battle with the club’s doctor, Eva Cameiro in their opening game of the ongoing English Premier League season.

Supersport reports that the football body’s medical commission will decide on the former FC Porto boss this week, after being under pressure for a settlement by the English Premier League Champions.

The self-styled Special One has since refused to back down from criticism of Carneiro and head physio Jon Fearn, both of who have since been excluded from the team bench, after they went on the pitch to treat Eden Hazard in the 2-2 home draw with Swansea last month.

With Carneiro having FIFA’s backing in this case, the Chelsea boss faces a heavy sanction after the body’s meeting on Friday.

One of Britain’s top medical lawyers, who has been involved in landmark cases on football injuries, Mary O’Rourke, confirmed that 41-year-old Carneiro will come through in the case against Mourinho.

“It is an important point of principle.

“I would like to see the message go round the world — and I think you will see Fifa on Friday saying the same — they did nothing wrong because their duty was to the player as a patient, their duty was to the referee.

“Their job in the club is to look after the players, and not to run the team and not to be tactically aware,” she explained.

She explained further that clubs have to be even more wary of injuries after the Petr Cech case at Chelsea and Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris’s recent concussion, noting however, that there were signs that a settlement is being discussed without the need for court proceedings by Carneiro or an apology by Mourinho.

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According to her: “I don’t think you need to say that Mourinho has to apologise. I think you get the message out there if you have the pair of them back out there on the bench.

“We don’t need to start making people eat humble pie or anything. It is a recognition that they did nothing wrong.”

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