Guus Hiddink has only been with the players for just TWO days but has already made it pretty clear what he expects from his players. If you don’t have desire to be here – your out the door no matter who you are!

It’s one thing taking over as an interim manager of a club that has struggled throughout the season. It’s another when in addition to our struggles, there is rumour of unrest and motivation issues. Carlo Ancelotti has stated that the problem for Jose Mourinho this season was that the players have a lack of desire and to his credit, Guus Hiddink has made things pretty clear going forward.

He said:

‘If you have a temporary boss, he can kick you around in this half a year. You can have a strong appeal. Not begging them, to perform. They have a profound obligation to perform. They are here at a big club. They are well paid. They must have this heart full of the desire of an amateur.

If you don’t have that desire, please knock on my door and we’ll talk. We’ll talk briefly. I will say: Thank you very much, I don’t need players who don’t have the desire.

I spoke fully to the squad and, of course, we talked a bit about the past — why I’m here, the reasons why we are down.

I told them things happen in football and I want everyone to look in the mirror, not just for two seconds, but longer. Be hyper-critical. See what anyone can contribute to raise us up. They have to look forward.’

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