A monkey, wearing glasses, holding a gun.


Even by the ‘wacky’ standards of Premier League footballers, the tattoo you can see above – newly unveiled by one Liverpool player – makes no sense.

You only have to look at a top-flight game to see plenty of nonsensical body art being showcased on the limbs of football’s millionaires – but a thigh-wide bespectacled monkey? What’s that about?

The only man who can answer that question is the Liverpool star who thought it would look good on his leg FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY. But which member of Jurgen Klopp’s squad is currently showing off this abomination his new ink to the lads at Melwood?

Anyone in any way surprised to learn that it’s the Spanish left-back who thought a giant monkey assassin would improve the appearance of his thigh?

Still, at least his new tattoo isn’t quite as bad as some of the examples fans often show off in the stands…

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