Former Arsenal striker Alan Smith has accused Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy of taking the easy option.

Vardy rejected a move to the Emirates and has agreed to sign a new deal at Leicester.

Smith wrote in the Telegraph: “I think you should push yourself though and if he’d gone to Arsenal he would have been training – with no disrespect to Leicester – with better players, higher quality players and that improves you as a footballer.

“It’s not often someone turns down Arsenal, especially from a Premier League club and a so-called smaller one, although they are champions.

“Arsenal have to go again. They need a striker with Danny Welbeck out for the foreseeable future. They can’t rely on Olivier Giroud as the only striker – they had problems with that when he experienced a dip in form.

“They do need somebody else and in going for someone like Vardy, Arsene Wenger was obviously after a different type of player to Giroud, which makes sense.

“Someone quicker, who looks to get behind rather than coming towards the ball, so will be interesting to see who if anyone he does go for because as we know the good strikers out there, all the top clubs are after them.”

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