‘Even with my n!pples right in their faces, they still ask ‘are you a boy or a girl’- Ex Super Falcons player – Chichi Igbo

Ex Super Falcons, Chichi Igbo, took to her Instagram page to address those who question her gender despite her female features. She shared this photo on her IG page and wrote

“Even with my nipples right in their faces, they still ask “are you a boy or a girl” I can’t say I blame y’all, too blessed to be real but allow me break it down, I’m a proud woman whom is your boyfriend’s body goal, dress better than your man and have bigger (invisible) balls than your man..
Pulling girls/boys more than your biggest player so NO I don’t wanna be a man, I’am more than a man aka extraordinary WOMAN!! Wait tho, what’s really there to be about a man? The only thing that makes most of you a “man” is only your dick that I have no need nor use for so umm nope I’ll take a pass ??

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