Not so long ago, Jamie Vardy lookalike Lee Chapman was a postman who happened to bear a striking similarity to the England striker.

Now, after he met his more famous doppelanger during Leicester’s title celebrations, Chapman has taken to the international stage. Judging by the clip above, he looks set to remain a cult hero… as long as football fans continue to get absolutely hammered.

The video shows crowd of bleary-eyed England fans overjoyed to have spotted Vardy – an actual England international – outside the Stade Velodrome, before their Euro 2016 opener against Russia.

GettyLee Chapman joins Jamie Vardy
Separated at birth?

Sadly for the boozy bunch, it wasn’t Vardy at all… it was Chapman.

The group mob the ringer before drunkenly attempting to hoist him onto their shoulders while belting out a slurred and utterly awful rendition of ‘Your defence is terrified, Vardy’s on fire’.

Let’s all just agree to stick to the ‘Jamie Vardy’s having a party’ chant, lads. Let’s face it, we’re never going to match the original.

James Bruton, 24, from Cheltenham, filmed the mobbing after hearing that Vardy had come outside the stadium before the game.

He said: “Some of us had our beer goggles on as we thought it was Vardy in the flesh, but then I realised it was just a bloke that looked like him.

“Regardless of that he was hoisted onto someone’s shoulders and we all started to chant his name which certainly lifted the mood before the game.”

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