Remember Diego Costa’s latest attempt to wind-up an opponent? The 6,723rd example of the Spanish striker trying to provoke an opponent with a bit of abuse usually reserved for school playgrounds?

Of course you do . During Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat at Stoke , Costa thought sniffing his armpit, pointing at Ryan Shawcross and accusing the Stoke captain of being a smelly poo-poo head would be enough to rile the big centre-back.

It wasn’t. In fact, it actually had a positive effect on Shawcross’ reputation, after his wife Kath made everyone laugh with her brilliant response Twitter .

Now we have further proof that being the subject of Costa’s rubbish banter can make your life better. As a result of the ‘jibe’, Shawcross has just been given a year’s free supply of deodorant:


We have a vague idea why the good folks at Dove might have felt the need to give a thank you gift to the Shawcrosses.

Not that it was deliberate, but this tweet – shared nearly 7,000 times – ended up being a free advert for their product…

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