Mario Balotelli appears to have put some of his wilder days behind him, but the stories of his younger days still keep on surfacing.

The latest comes from Russian television, where Salvatore Bocchetti was appearing on television show Kul’t Tura .

Bocchetti, a full-back at Spartak Moscow, regaled the audience with tales of years gone by and the stand-out undoubtedly came from his time sharing a dressing room with Balo in the Italian Under-21s.

“One day were were eating in the dining room with the rest of the squad,” Bocchetti remembers.

“Balotelli arrived and he just throw a plate of pasta into the face of Marco Motta!

“He’s a good player but he’s got no head! He’s crazy! He’s got no brain.”

After causing a stir in his homeland with these revelations, however, Bocchetti dialled back some of his criticism of the forward.

“I didn’t want to say that Mario has no brain, I wanted to say that sometimes he didn’t use it when he was young.

“I was speaking in Russian and it’s not my language.

“I respect him as [a] man/friend and as a player, I wish him all the best.”

While Balotelli’s spells in Milan and Manchester were punctuated by off-the-field controversies, the 26-year-old has finally got his career back on track in Nice.

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