According to football pundit and former Aston villa fc striker Stan Collymore, Eden Hazard’s performance for Chelsea against West Ham on Monday just went to show how much of a cheat he was last season.

I use that word purposefully, not lightly, because to go from PFA Player of the Year in a side that became champions of England to being a liability until three or four games from the end of the season to get himself ready for the Euros tells me there’s no way he will ever play in a Barcelona or Real Madrid shirt.

If you’re a Real or Barca manager or scout, you’re looking for big characters who step up when there is adversity, not cheats who will quite happily get their boss sacked.

I bet Jose Mourinho watched Monday’s game thinking, ‘What an absolute, erm…. rascal.

‘There’s a player who essentially helped get me the sack and all of a sudden, for a new manager, it’s as if nothing ever happened’.

For 90 per cent of last season Hazard cheated himself, cheated Chelsea fans and cheated the league that has rewarded him so well.

He sold everyone a dummy — and not the sort we were looking for.

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