When asked of last season Cahill said:

“We needed organisation. Everyone saw what happened. We went from winning the league having stayed at the top all year to the disaster of last season. We lost our way tactically; everyone’s head was in different directions.

When I say about pulling together as a team, I felt everyone had different situations going on individually whether that be if you’re playing or not, the manager, or this or that. Different distractions are never healthy.

It is the hardest thing. People talk about as if you wake up one day and suddenly you’re a bog standard player. It doesn’t happen.”

Eden Hazard said:

 “Conte puts trust in his players and now we are good after an ugly season last year. 

I’ve always been the same player but Conte knows how to treat players having played at the highest level himself.”

It’s interesting to read Cahill admit that players fell out with the Manager and then change tact to speak of something else. As for Hazard, how much more of a dig can you aim at Mourinho than to state about Conte playing at this level himself!

So to this season and Gary Cahill in particular spoke of Conte in glowing terms by saying:

“The main thing for me is how fit and sharp we look, and the organisation in terms of where players need to be.

It was important that we regroup and get everyone focussed back to where we should be.

We needed to have a game-plan, have the tactics and way we want to play drilled into everyone and everybody buy into it. That’s what we have seen early on.

This season we have come in, worked very hard and we are buying into what is happening here. That’s the most important thing to move forward.”

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