Football seems to be the bright future we all painted in out heads while growing up going by the details of the bogus salaries earned by Chelsea FC footballers in England.

With Diego Costa agreeing to a new four year deal with Chelsea, we take look at the highest paid footballers with the Blues.
John Terry used to be one the highest paid players at the club, but agreed a pay cut at the end of last season to stay with the Stamford Bridge side for one more year.
At the moment, Eden Hazard is the highest paid player at the club along with Diego Costa and Cesc Fabgregas. Sums revealed by the sport review indicate that Nigerian international Victor Moses earns little compared to second choice goalie Asmir Begovic.
Kennedy and Nathaniel Chalobah are the least paid players at the club. The wages earned by Nathan Ake are however not revealed.
Here are the wages of each Chelsea first team star per week;
1. Roman Abramovic – £6.32bn net worth
2. Antonio Conte – £125,000 a week (N48.9m)
3. Eden Hazard – £200,000 a week (N78.2m)
4. Diego Costa – £185,000 a week (N72.3m)
5. Cesc Fabregas – £156,000 a week (N61m)
6. David Luiz – £120,000 a week (N47m)
7. Thibaut Courtois – £120,000 a week (N47m)
8. Willian – £110,000 a week (N43m)
9. N’Golo Kante – £110,000 a week (N43m)
10. Pedro – £100,000 a week (N43m)
11. Michy Batshuayi – £90,000 a week (N35.2m)
12. Nemanja Matic – £90,000 a week (N35.2m)
13. Gary Cahill – £85,000 a week (N33.2m)
14. Cesar Azpilicueta – £70,000 a week (27.3m)
15. Marcos Alonso – £70,000 a week (N27.3m)
16. John Terry – £70,000 a week (N27.3m)
17. Asmir Begovic – £60,000 a week (N23.4m)
18. Victor Moses – £45,000 a week (N17.6m)
19. Kurt Zouma – £40,000 a week (N15.6m)
20. Ruben Loftus-Cheek – £35,000 a week (N13.6m)
21. Eduardo – £10,000 a week (N4m)
22. Kenedy – £5,000 a week (N1.95m)
23. Nathaniel Chalobah – £5,000 a week (N1.95m)
The conversion rate used to translate to naira is one British pounds to 391 Naira.
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45 thoughts on “Chelsea Player Wages 2017: Hazard and Moses’ Weekly Pays Will Leave You Speechless”

  1. Victor Moses need to be paid higher than what is being paid now zuba Chelsea owner need to look into that.because Moses have tried a lot this season

  2. Though the money is too small his wages should be review then if nothing is been done he should find way to China

  3. truelly victor moses deserve more than what he is been paid now.let this matter be looked into.he is totally,crazily in form.

  4. I must am highly Disappointed. after hazard, MOSES is d best performer for Chelsea dis season. I hope dey do some review at d end of the season.

  5. give honor to whom honor is due, Moses is too expensive to be paid that amount of money, if there is no racism in that club, let them look into that payment.

  6. Moses weekly take home is neither too small or too big, His payment is base on his contract agreement.

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  8. Moses is fine player, why? is because his is a gentle man? pls give him his honour,ha deserve it.

  9. Victor Moses and ceaser azipicuelta money needs to be increased because they are putting more effort to Chelsea position….I luv Chelsea

  10. I’ve listen to your complains and I can assure you all that I will look into the matter. Expecially that of the Nigerian player, Victor Moses.

  11. Pls Roman Abramovich increase Victor Moses wages to 200000 pounds, he deserve it this season. don’t pay him pea nut consider tax in England’. I rest my commend

  12. Victor Moses was on £10,000 par week at Wigan fç . before moving to on £45,000 par week .
    he was on 3. years loan spell . when. he couldnt break into the first team .
    he was able to break through into the first team under Antonio conte in 2016 season .
    he is yet to performed his due of over 400 % increased Chelsea football club offered him
    wages par week aren’t being review on one season performance .
    let us be dispassionate for our comparism .

  13. sincerely, what d whites are doing to d blacks is unfair. see d way Moses is working for d club wit dat amt. d mini,cash is too small. tnx

  14. victor Moses pls put yourself together and work to go higher,definitely u will be good to clubs

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