Just imagine, in this season of a all seasons… Chelsea win the Champions League.

I know this probably sounds ridiculous to a lot of people, and may even cause a few laughs, but that’s exactly what the reaction was at the prospect of us winning it in 2012… And look how that turned out.

Admittedly, Chelsea were not doing as badly in 2011-12 as they have done this season. But the squad is better.

The PSG game was our first defeat in 15 games, so the rot has been stopped for a while now.

My view on the more recent matches is that certain players have stepped up, but not all. Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa in particular. But there are still players that need to pull it out the bag. Eden Hazard especially.

I’ve also expected more from Oscar and Nemanja Matic, to be honest.

Of course, the prospect of winning the Champions League remains an incredibly long shot, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.

For some games, form, league positions, etc, it all goes out the window.

As I have mentioned before, look at our 2012 Champions League triumph. It was insane. Everything went out the window, to the extent that little old Chelsea ended up being crowned Champions of Europe.

Write us off all you like, but I’m not going to stop believing just yet…


– Charlie ( @GiveJTaContract)

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