COMMENT: When you’re getting paid £200,000-plus per week, I expect you to put in a performance.

I don’t buy into all this ‘the season’s over’ baloney. You should play for the club and the fans more than anything else. If we were to say to the players ‘oh the season’s over now so we’re not going to pay you until pre-season’ do you reckon they would accept that?! Of course they wouldn’t.

Whilst there are still games to play, you should put you’re all into every game, simple as…

The Manchester City defeat was the worst I have seen us play all season. It was even worse than Bournemouth at home – which is saying something because my goodness we were woeful that day!

But listen, there is one final chance this team has to salvage the tiniest glimmer of consolation. Beat Spurs.

I highly doubt any of the players will read this, but if there’s one game all season you’re actually going to turn up and perform, please please please make it the Spurs game. Spurs have not won the title since 1961, and we intend to keep it that way, as do Arsenal and West Ham.

Among the squad, there are notable exceptions, who in my opinion don’t deserve blame for this beyond shocking season. These include John Terry, Willian and Cesar Azpilicueta, as well as perhaps some of the younger players in the first team, but most of them haven’t been anywhere near good enough, simple as…

If you really care about Chelsea, please beat Spurs, or at least make them drop two points. Even if that’s too much to ask of you, then at least perform!

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Please Chelsea. Please…

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