Chelsea transfers chief Piet de Visser has had his say on Eden Hazard’s demise this season.

De Visser is adamant Jose Mourinho tried to change Hazard’s approach to the game and it simply didn’t work.

He told HLN: “Eden is a player who has moments of genius. Mourinho tried to turn him into an enhanced version of Messi or Ronaldo, but this is impossible. Hazard will never be like that.

“Eden is Eden. He is a player with brilliant individual actions, but someone who will never be a machine. He also wants to relax. You should never make him the player who must carry the team.

“Do not make him the captain. Just tell him to have fun on the field. Mourinho is a winner and he wanted to get even more from Eden. He was already great, good, so why not leave him alone?

“Mourinho wanted so Hazard led the team in every game, scored each time and be decisive at all times. The pressure became too much for Eden. This leads to stress and injury.

“I hope with the new coach he will be treated differently.”

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