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Chaos as UFC fighters McGregor & Diaz curse & throw bottles during press conference (WATCH)


The pre-fight press conference of UFC 200 between fighting champion Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz descended into farce late Wednesday Night as both men threw bottles at each other and rained curses on each other after Conor McGregor came late for the press conference.
Nate Diaz walked out of the press conference shortly after the arrival of McGregor, who once again highlighted his disdain for media obligations – the same complaint that saw him removed from the UFC 200 card initially.

“These events have got me kicked off cards before, but I’m still here and I’m ready to fight and that’s all that matters,” said McGregor on his late arrival at the press conference.

“You know you’re going to get a fight when I’m here. You know it’s going to be a show so forget all this time keeping and other crap. I’m here.”

Irishman McGregor insisted that there would be a trilogy fight with Diaz, leading Diaz to leave his press conference table and then hurl curses at McGregor.

Nate Diaz then threw a battle toward Conor McGregor during the press-conference before McGregor retaliated, throwing bottles towards Nate and his teammates. Nate Diaz’s team and Conor McGregor’s team had to be restrained by security officials as they continued to threaten and rain abuses at each other.

“F**k your whole team, how about that?” roared Diaz before he made his way to the exit of the David Copperfield Theatre, followed closely by his brother, Nick, and his teammates.

Watch the video below:

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