Brazilian women are ready to cash in on the upcoming Olympics in Rio as they rush to cosmetic surgeons to help them enlarge and lift their bu tts to attract athletes coming for the event.
With the Olympics less than two weeks away, all eyes are on Rio, but many eyes will be on the Brazilian women.
According to an exclusive Dailystar report, cosmetic surgeries across the UK are advertising Brazilian bu tt lifts to those who wish to get the beautiful curves of South American women.
The Brazilian bu tt lift is an operation which moves fat from areas of excess into the buttocks. Stats from the US show that 2015 was dominated by operations focusing on the bu m.
An American Society of Plastic Surgeons report showed a massive 252% rise in the popularity of bu ttock lifts. This means that the procedure is up 36% from 2014 to 2015.
And in Britain a clinic based in South East England advertises the Brazilian bu tt lift on their site.
Belvedere Clinic’s blog claims that the beauty industry has embraced Brazilian looks ahead of the Rio Olympics.
They say: “The world is soon about to experience the diverse beauty that Brazil holds with women showing off a wide range of hair and skin colours, body contouring and cosmetic surgery procedures that have been hugely popular in Brazil for over two decades.
“Big butts are part and parcel of Brazil, especially the beach culture made famous at Copacabana and Ipanema.”
Along with the upcoming Rio Olympics, experts claim the butt lift is enjoying a rise in popularity because of stars with big bums.
And it was recently claimed by a surgeon in the US that Iggy Azalea may have gone under the knife to achieve her curvy posterior.
Miles Berry, a leading Cosmetic Surgeon of Beyond Beauty Cosmetic, told the Daily Star Online:“I think the rise in the interest in the ‘butt lift’ procedure is more fuelled by the Nicky Minaj and Kardashian derrieres”.
But he added that the Olympics will show a nation with a more open attitude to plastic surgery.
He said: “Brazil certainly has a lot of plastic surgeons and they are both body-conscious and relatively open about it unlike here in Western Europe and, to a lesser extent, North America.”
But the op does not come without it’s risks as Miles Berry points out.
He said: “Sadly, there have been many incidences of deaths caused by Gluteal Lipoinjection, and for that reason it’s not a procedure that we offer.
“I recommend that anyone considering a ‘butt lift’ makes sure that it is performed by a qualified GMC registered surgeon in a reputable hospital.”
Last year a woman was thought to be the first Brit ever to die after an op to give her a Kim Kardashian bum.
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