Basketball star Dennis Rodman has revealed in excruciating detail how he broke his pen!s THREE times.

The former NBA legend snapped his manhood during s*x on three separate occasions over the years.

The first unfortunate incident happened during a romp on a boat in Dallas, Texas following a day of “drinking and partying”.

In a video for Viceland the star revealed: “Me and my girlfriend, we were on the back of the boat in a king size bed and she said ‘I think I’m going to try something different.’

“She told me to walk over there and told me to run and jump in her p****.”

After taking a leap Dennis, 55, said heard a crunch and saw “blood everywhere”.

He said his partner screamed: “Oh my God, he is dead, he is dead. I have killed him,” before he reassured her: “No honey. I just broke my d**k.”

Dennis said the next agonising incident happened while he was playing for the Detroit Pistons and was wooing a lady called Tracy.

After enjoying a romantic dinner the pair retreated to his hotel room where they engaged in a s*x act which went horribly wrong.

Dennis told the camera: “Crack, another one. I couldn’t do anything.”

Recalling the third time, Dennis said: “It was in New York. Same thing. We go to the hotel room and we’re having s*x and it ended up breaking.

“We go to hospital and my girlfriend is like, ‘Well you know, he has a problem with his pen!s.’

“The woman comes up and says ‘Oh, I’ll be right back’. She brought another doctor in, and then another one. I swear to God she just kept bringing people in.

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“They told me I had a contused pen!s.”

Dennis claims the following day his girlfriend received a call from a nurse asking for $25,000 in exchange for the X-ray pictures of his manhood.

“Okay then do it,” Dennis claimed his girlfriend replied.

“That’s the easy s***,” he said. “I’m good to go.”

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