World Cup winner Emmanuel Petit has shocked football fans with claims his team’s France 98 win could have been staged.

Following corruption revelations that have rocked FIFA and the footballing world in recent weeks Petit suggested his team’s historic victory was a sham.

In a bizarre interview broadcast online he branded his team-mates “puppets” and asked: “Was it fixed?”

The decorated former Chelsea and Arsenal midfielder sealed his nation’s win over Brazil with the third goal at the Stade de France on July 12, 1998.

But Petit, now retired, said he believes the final was the last stage in a carefully-orchestrated campaign to ensure their victory from behind closed doors.

France before one of their group games in 1998

He said: “For the past few weeks I’ve been asking myself ‘Did we really win the World Cup?’ I ask myself that question today. Was it fixed?”

He added: “I have no idea. On the pitch we gave it everything. We truly gave it everything against our opponents, we did everything to win.”

Petit is no stranger to controversy after branding the French “cowards” and saying the country would have been better off during German rule in a 2014 interview.

But he cast further doubt on his team’s success after highlighting Brazil’s opening game at the 2014 world cup.

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