Controversial Catholic priest, Ejike Mbaka, has said that plans are being hatched to murder President Muhammadu Buhari over his uncompromising stand on corruption.

In a video message, Mr. Mbaka urged the devotees at his popular Adoration Ground in Enugu to desist from speaking evil against the president.“So I want to tell you that so far, God is happy with Buhari.
And him whom God has blessed, may you not try to accurse, because God will curse you,” said the priest. “Many people are planning, as it is revealed, to kill him. There are many plans on how to eliminate his life so that corruption will continue, so that quantum embezzlement will continue.

Go ahead and war against evil. President Buhari, go ahead and war against corruption. President Buhari, God and his people are behind you, you are the answer of the prayers of the people, amen.’”

The priest attributed the hardship to past leaders who corruptly enriched themselves. “They succeeded in removing the liver, kidneys, and cardiovascular systems of this country, and paralyzed the neurological organs and handed over to Buhari, the new president, shambles, skeleton almost, a nation that is comatic. “Nigeria right now, economically, security wise, is in the intensive care unit.

If the oxygen is removed, Nigeria will go. “All the money voted for road constructions were swindled, eaten. Many of them became millionaires and billionaires in Naira, in Dollars, in Pounds, in Euro. Billionaires, when they have no workshop, no business centre. Somebody who has nothing he’s doing, yet he’s a billionaire, because he’s a politician.”

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