Patrick Obahiagbon made some unflattering remarks, responding Edwin Clark’s recent statements about GEJ as being “too a gentleman” to fight corruption.

Patrick Obahiagbon, the former member of the House of Reps, harshly criticised Edwin Clark’s recent statements concerning ex-president Goodluck Johnatan era.

Clark, who used to be one of Goodluck Jonathan’s loyal supporters, but quit the PDP party recently, made some controversial remarks about GEJ after that, telling that Jonathan was “too a gentleman” to fight corruption. “Jonathan didn’t have the political will-power to fight corruption,” Clark claimed, adding that “Jonathan meant well for this country, but the will power to fight corruption was not there.”

Responding to Clark’s remarks, Patrick Obahiagbon called the political legacy Jonathan and Clark left Nigeria a “Damnosa Hereditas”; the term meaning a harmful or burdensome inheritance.

Patrick Obahiagbon blasted Clark in his statement, telling that “I would expect that this animadversion from Papa Clark would put an irrefragable quietus to all Jonathanian political jingoists still spewing and yarning Goebbelsian sputum in support of former president Jonathan. This is because if there exists anybody who should have intimate knowledge of the concentric layers of malversation that characterized the failed Jonathan administration, it would be Papa Clark, the self-proclaimed father of Jonathan. But has Papa Clark said anything new? The answer is a resounding NO and that was why Nigerians voted for President Buhari in their gargantuan numbers.”

Patrick Obahiagbon also added that “it took the eschewable fall of Jonathan for Papa Clark to peregrinate the road of the biblical Damascus and the scales thus falling off the eyes of Jonathan’s political father is not only execrable but demonstrates a putrid and rancid narration of the story of Nigeria’s political class as a Damnosa Hereditas.

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Chief Edwin Clark, one of former president, Goodluck Jonathan’s staunch supporters, has left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday.

Ahead of the presidential election Edwin Clark blasted the presidential candidate of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, saying that “it’s clear that apart from clinging to sectional, ethnic and religious sentiments, the APC presidential candidate has no idea of running a democratic state.” 

However, when Buhari won the election, Clark made a U-turn in his statements: “I congratulate you and reassure you that as you get to commence the process of peaceful transition and government, you will have my full support,” he told.

After Clark on Wednesday, October 7, announced that he had quit the Peoples Democratic Party, accusing the former president of lacking the political will to fight corruption, ex-militants under the aegis of the Niger Delta Liberation Force (NDLF) have asked Chief Edwin Clark, the former federal commissioner for information to shut up.

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