The Board of Trustees of PDP have asked President Buhari and the APC to leave deputy senate president Ike Ekweremadu alone. The BoT members described the trial of the deputy senate president over alleged forgery of Senate rules as a deliberate plot to tarnish his person.

Chairman of PDP BoT, Walid Jibril while expressing the thoughts of the BoT during a solidarity meeting with PDP caucus in the National Assembly yesterday July 19th said…

“We are here to show solidarity and recognise the leadership of Senator Ekweremadu, especially when we hear stories of what is happening to him. We are here to give our total support to him over the recent framing of him in an alleged forgery case, because we cannot, as fathers and conscience of the party, sit down and just watch. Senator Ekweremadu is a man of integrity with a high record of performance. We want to advise strongly that nobody should try to tarnish his personality and we are strongly calling for fair hearing and justice in the attempt to rope-in Senator Ekweremadu for political reasons. He was elected Deputy President of Senate by 48 PDP senators with the support of APC Senators, which is a good ingredient of our democracy. No attempt should be made to rope him in. He should be left alone to continue the good service to the country”. Ekweremadu while responding said many of his colleagues in the National Assembly from other parties are prepared to return to PDP

“Today, I believe and I am speaking the minds of my colleagues, that so many members of the National Assembly from the other parties are prepared to return to the PDP because they have seen that they made a mistake in the last election by voting APC and they are also seeing that PDP remains the biggest, greatest and the most focused party in Nigeria.”

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