President-elect,Gen.Buhari has called on all Igbos to forgive Oba Akiolu and move on.He said Fashola has done a great job so far and it’s in the interest of all to vote APC. Speaking at a rally in Lagos yesterday, he said.

“I admire what your governor has done in terms of mobilising revenue to sustain Lagos development. I have a lot of respect for Governor Fashola for his hard work, commitment to the state and the country. There is no doubt that Lagos is a mini-Nigeria.

We are all here and it has been mentioned by previous speakers that everybody (tribe) is adequately represented in Lagos.“So, I assure you. If you vote for the continuity of APC in Lagos, you stand to gain more. It is in your interest that you vote for the APC.

“Please when you go home tell your neighbours, relatives and even the opposition to please bury the hatchet. Let them fall in line and vote the APC.

“When we were coming in our bus, Fashola told me how Lagos State had been spending to maintain the federal infrastructure here such as buildings, roads and other institutions. I had promised before that if I won the election and became the President,

I would make Lagos my priority. Governor Fashola is already holding to me to that promise so I would like the incoming governor to listen carefully and make sure he makes me honour my undertaking.

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