Quite a number of Nigerians will be disgusted at the recent happenings within the hallowed green chamber and indeed the political stratosphere in the last one month or so.
The All Progressive Party brought together by a conflagration of different political party from different ethno religious groups with the sole aim of ousting the former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and bringing the desired promised CHANGE to Nigerians after six years of what majority termed ” A cancerous government”.
‘Change’ came our way and today, it appears there’s more to the saying that  ”The proof of the pudding is in its eating” or further simplified to mean that one needs to experience a situation in order to fully test it.  This relates to the current political quagmire where it appears that most supporters of  APC are more fixated on their support for their own candidates at the larger expense of their Party itself-which ultimately should reign supreme.
Tinubu is a regional leader, a well respected party man, but his renewed zeal to seize power by all means and control the party’s machinery both at the State and federal level may been his greatest undoing. There are reports circulating the media spaces that BABA as he’s fondly called is averse to the nomination and appointment of certain individuals for not seeking his approval before meeting with the presidency and as such vows to use alternative powers to ensure his desired motives.
The new political scenario is indeed interesting at one end and quite pathetic at the other. Interesting because i have seen the likes of Bukola Saraki, Raji Fashola and former Ekiti Governor Dr Fayemi exude some sort of independence in their political dealings, standing firm in their believe for a better Nigeria and ignoring Tinubu’s several antics despite the continuous sponsored media backlash on their personality. While it is also obvious that Tinubu is ruffled by the continuous snub from the presidency to influence  his ministerial lists, his latest unsuccessful gaffe at installing his candidates through imposition on the NASS members would be Tinubu’s last straw that relegated him to the lowest ebb of Nigerian politics in recent times in the grand scheme of events.
The National Assembly election that brought in Bukola Saraki as the Senate President may have been fraught with vested political macabre, the type expected when a few attempts to hold the party’s structure by the jugular. The 8th National Assembly election may have come and gone but the bittersweet experience leaves a sour taste as to the battle that may further brew ahead.
The selfish interest of a few power bloc acting on directives from above to swing the election mean’t to be decided by the principle members in favour of a particular candidate will eventually hit a brick wall especially when you have a group of independent people who aren’t ‘Yes Men’ to  doing the bidding of a godfather. This is despite the non-acceptance of such candidates by a section of the ruling party and the larger members of the opposition who by the constitution have equal right to nominate, vote and be voted for.
The question on everyone’s lips is.. Can the party move on and reconcile its warring factions?
The just concluded APC NEC meeting is a good first step at harmonizing the gladiators towards entrenching the party’s supremacy. But it can only achieve these set objectives when there’s a full representation. It comes as a surprise that for political reasons these aggrieved elements have continued to subject the party to ridicule by sponsoring several media hate messages and propaganda to smear the images of  their perceived enemies.
However, the Presidency have indicated it’s interest and readiness to work with the elected members by asking the legislators to ”pocket their personal interest” in order to move the party and country forward.  And accordingly, the Senate President Bukola Saraki, has also expressed  his willingness to join hands together to spear head the change and make laws that will bring speedy development to Nigerians.
 No doubt, this clarion call will set the party on a pedestal of hope to fast track developmental process of healing and restoration of our lost glories.  Tinubu and his cohort needs to wake up to the realization that the Nigeria project is bigger than any individual and as such cannot be allowed to jettison these hard earned change for their selfish ambitions. These, the party can only achieve with an all inclusive government (of all Nigerians, party members and the opposition) and making committee operations more democratic.
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