When we talk about dangerous activities, se x does not often make the list. This does not mean it is completely safe though. Hundreds of se x injuries are being reported yearly, and simply avoiding risky behaviours might have prevented them.

So if you are thinking of having se x in these places, think again.

1. A moving car: So, imagine getting it on, and the brake fails, or the driver suddenly pulls to a stop. Yikes!  If one of you is actually the one driving, then we do not have to be the one to explain to you how you are tempting fate. You can safely enjoy sex in a parked car without risking your life or your partner’s.

2. On the beach: Yes, it probably sounds really appealing. But you will be surprised at the number of naughty beach goers who get infected with whatever disgusting bacteria lives in the water.

3. In the closet: So, you are having a sordid, secret affair (or why else would you cramp yourself in a closet for sex) and you think this is your chance for a quickie? Oddly enough, this is the tenth most common place for sexual injuries. You might bang your head against a shelf and get a concussion or you might get caught, causing a mighty awkward situation.

4. In the bathroom: Most people are advocates of bathroom se x, but if the ground is slippery, then this is simply an accident waiting to happen. Quite a few people have died from hitting their heads after slipping through their orgasms.

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5. Balcony: Especially those ones without (or not long enough) railings. We know you might love the thrill, but things can end tragically if one or both of you get too carried away,

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